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BLWM is an experienced provider of geophysical, directional, televiewer and camera surveys in boreholes and production wells. The company offers reliable planning, supervision, acquisition, data analysis and reporting services to the wide range of customers.


Derived from the Germany based and industry leading geophysical brands, the company became an independent coordinator of well logging operations, primarily to the central and eastern European markets. Nowadays BLWM is a highly specialized cased hole well integrity and open hole formation evaluation service provider for exploration, mining, geothermal, underground storage, geotechnical, hydrogeological, and water supply industries.


In cooperation with trusted partners, the company offers many traditional and state-of-the-art borehole geophysical methods for solving lithological, reservoir and structural geological challenges,  as well as delivers dependable knowledge to the technical condition of production wells.


Our goal is to provide the high-quality data technology to borehole logging operations integrated with valued customer consultancy on time and to schedule. We process, analyze, interpret, and report borehole data that allow immediate decision making, reducing operation risks and costs. Our mission is to provide the industry leading expertise, which guarantees a long-term productivity of geothermal, drinking, and mineral water wells as well as trouble-free operations of underground storage facilities.