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BLWM specializes in the quantitative evaluation of the technical condition of cased production wells. As a part of our integrated acoustic televiewer, cement bond and electromagnetic integrity solutions, we precisely diagnose the condition of wells being in operation and control newly drilled boreholes. Moreover, our downhole survey is frequently used to plan the well abandonment processes as well as it is the basis for the well maintenance, repair, or stimulation treatments planning. The above is supplemented by the well monitoring solutions and the dynamic well perfomance and productivity analyses.



Integrity of older production wells:


  • casing technical condition estimation
  • well design verification
  • multifinger caliper thickness and corrosion evaluation
  • electromagnetic and ultrasonic metal loss
  • cement bond log and radial bond quality
  • gravel pack quality record
  • production log and fluid flow profile
  • physical and chemical fluid properties
  • zonal productivity analysis
  • screen or perforation performance
  • inflow - outflow analysis
  • behind casing fluid migration
  • sand and fines production analysis
  • pressure depletion and productivity index
  • joint tightness and leak detection
  • borehole deviation survey
  • through-casing lithology verification



Downhole survey in new wells:


  • quality audit of newly drilled wellbores
  • wireline logs during drilling operation

Cased hole logging


Geophysical downhole survey

in casing strings and liners of production wells