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BLWM applies visual techniques (downhole video cameras and optical imagers) for the real-time integrity and technical condition assessment of tubulars and casing strings as well as for the structural analyses of drilled rock formations.


In cased holes, the above techniques enable the initial evaluation of casing wear and corrosion, tightness of casing joints, leak detection, location of screened and perforated intervals, or primary and secondary internal defects within the liners. Deposits formed on the casing wall are hints for the scaling or clogging processes, often taking place in the formation production zone. In wire-wrapped screens, the grain size of the gravel pack can be easily estimated while in open holes, the oriented linear and planar structural information like fractures, joints, breakouts, or bedding dips can be analyzed.

Thanks to the different camera and televiewer systems, both cased and open holes with a diameter of 50 - 1500 mm and a measurement depth of 2500 m can be investigated. The cameras are usually devices with the free axial and radial lens rotation and multiple optical zooms. In deeper boreholes, to enable multi-directional image recording, tools with several sets of cameras are used.

Camera inspections


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visual techniques