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During operation, production hydrogeological boreholes undergo aging processes, which results in a decrease in their yield over time. However, depending on the well completion, the screen type, the grain size of the gravel pack, local hydrogeological conditions and the course of the exploitation, they age at different rates. To ensure the longest possible well production life, it is therefore crucial to design them correctly, to exploit them rationally, and to monitor their technical condition periodically.



BLWM treats water wells as production boreholes for special purposes, applying equally advanced optical and geophysical survey techniques. However, due to the various well completions and high sanitary requirements, both logging units, tools, cameras and other downhole equipment, as well as data processing and interpretation procedures, have been adapted to the highest expectations of water suppliers.



BLWM, specializing in the integrity evaluation of water production wells, ensures rigorous sanitary requirements regarding the purity of drinking water. At the same time, it makes every effort to exclude the logging tools and cables from the logging environments that may threaten the groundwater quality.



Integrity of water production and observation wells:


  • casing technical condition estimation
  • well design verification
  • caliper thickness and corrosion evaluation
  • electromagnetic and ultrasonic metal loss
  • cement bond and annular seal quality
  • gravel pack quality
  • production log and fluid flow profile
  • physical and chemical fluid properties
  • zonal productivity analysis
  • screen performance
  • inflow - outflow analysis
  • behind casing fluid migration
  • sand and fines production analysis
  • pressure depletion and productivity index
  • joint tightness and leak detection
  • borehole deviation survey
  • through-casing lithology verification

Water wells


Geophysical downhole survey

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