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Wireline logging in exploration wells is one of the main areas of BLWM activity. Prior to running casing or in uncased completions the primary task is the qualitative and quantitative estimation of petrophysical properties of the drilled rock formation along with the analysis of the technical condition of the borehole.



Formation evaluation:


  • lithological reservoir interpretation and lithostratigraphic log response correlation
  • petrophysical reservoir analysis (volumetric mineral composition modeling, porosity, permeability, and fluid saturation estimation)
  • formation fluid properties measurement
  • structure and breakout analysis, fracture imaging
  • hydraulic downhole conditions and fluid flow analysis, zonal producibility, inflow - outflow rate and pay zone characterization


Wellbore quality:


  • borehole geometry (diameter, volume and shape)
  • borehole deviation and directional survey
  • borehole wall description (washout, breakout, cavity, rugosity, bad hole and swelling intervals detection)
  • mud, mud filtrate and filter cake characterization


Open hole logging


Geophysical downhole survey

in uncased exploration boreholes